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Saturday, February 24, 2018
PPI Contracts & Agreements

1.  Required Agreements - 

2.  Contracts -
Scroll down to access LIST of All contracts

3.  Agent Transfer Instructions & Links

4.  ACA Enrollment Software

 How to Complete your contracts for Appointment:

 How to Complete your contracts for Appointment:

Click on the Carrier name below to download contract and/or appointment instructions.  

Need to TRANSFER a current appointment?  Click Here for instructions by Carrier


Carriers with the note "SuranceBay" next to them are completed on our SuranceBay Online Contracting Platform.

Click here for the SuranceBay online contracting link. 
(create a new user account for your first time)

Click here for additional SuranceBay information & instructions.

ACA Contracts    Medicare Contracts     Ancillary Contracts   Financial Contracts 
  • BCBS / Anthem - (CA, CO, CT, GA, IN, KY, ME, MO, NH, NV, OH, VA, WI) - (email to request contract link)
  • BCBS of TX - (email to request contracting link)
  • Anthem - (email to request contract link)
  • Aetna / Coventry (MA) - (email for link)
  • Centene - (email request contract link)
  • CSI Life - (email to request contract link)
  • Gateway(email to request contract link)
  • Humana MA - (email to request contracting link)
  • Manhattan Life Med Supp - (email to request contract link)
  • United Healthcare - CIP - (email to request contract)
  • WellCare MA -  (email to request contract)
  • WULA Med Supp - (email to request contract link)
  • GTL - (SuranceBay)
 ​Non-ACA Individual
  • Aliera (HealthPass) Individual - (email to request contract)
  • Altrua / HealthShare - (email to request contract)

 Group/Worksite Contracts    
  • HealthPass(email to request contract link)
  • Medova - (SuranceBay)* - *Note: Your first piece of business must be sent to PPI in order to process your contract.
  • National General - coming soon

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